Suonerie Don’t Give Me Those Eyes – James Blunt Ringtone Gratis

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Ringtone Don’t Give Me Those Eyes – James Blunt Free Download

Artist: James Blunt
Album: The Afterlove
Released: 2017
Category: Pop

“Don’t Give Me Those Eyes” is the fourth song on The Afterlove. The song follows Blunt’s internal thoughts during an affair. He knows deep down inside that this relationship cannot last, so he tries to end this relationship before it gets any further. Blunt explains that he cannot look at her body because it draws him closer to her. Listen and download ringtone Don’t Give Me Those Eyes for your android or ios. This ringtone was uploaded by  website.

Don’t Give Me Those Eyes Ringtone:

But when we're caught in this feeling
And I taste your love, and I taste your love
Whatever the meaning
Well it's not enough, no it's not enough
I want to believe in
In a thing called love, in a thing called love
Caught in this feeling
In this feeling, in this feeling

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