Suonerie 3 To Tango – Pitbull Gratis

Categoria : Pop

Scaricare Suoneria 3 To Tango - Pitbull:

I like her and she likes her
We gon' have a love fest
One, two, tres, ménage à trois
Let's get down to business
Back it up and drop it low
Tap that like a bongo
I like them and they like me
It takes 3 to tango

Ladies and ladies, I am your gentleman
I open up double doors, now go 'head and come in
I got that Voli305 getting live
I'm in the iLov305 getting live
So many options, so little time
A little bit of Erika with extra on the side
More and more for me (yeah)
More and more for them (yeah)
Switch up and then (yeah)
Switch it back again (yeah)

Two to one ratio (mmm, c'est-c'est-c'est-c'est la vie)
(Ooh la la)
Two to one ratio
Round and round and round and round we go