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Ringtone Round Here Buzz – Eric Church Free Download For Mobile

Artist: Eric Church
Album: Mr. Misunderstood
Released: 2015
Category: Country Music

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"Round Here Buzz" is a song by American country music artist Eric Church. It was released to radio on April 10, 2017. “Round Here Buzz” is about a guy from a small town who gets a buzz from being in his small town and living the small town life. He thinks of his old lover who left the town for the big city. She is out there getting a big city buzz, but the guy believes you can get the same buzz right there in his small town. The sentiment is confirmed true in the lines.

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Round Here Buzz Ringtone:

Catch me a 'round here buzz
Cause you ain't 'round here none
Keep putting 'em down here, 'nother round here
'Til my down goes up
Lit up like that one stoplight
Across from that welcome sign
Ever since you caught that out there bug
I catch me a 'round here buzz

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